We develop innovative and advanced transport systems for high-quality horticulture. Complete solutions that contribute to efficient and reliable food supply.

Technology is what we do, innovation is what we live for

Innovative partner in the field of vertical farming

PB sys develops innovative and advanced transport systems that ensure optimum production of vegetables in an efficient and reliable manner.

We respond decisively and proactively to ongoing developments in global greenhouse horticulture.


Vertical Harvest

Mads Pedersen


The best partner for complete horticultural solutions. From engineering all the way to installation.

We respond decisively and proactively to ongoing developments in global greenhouse horticulture. Our mission is to be and remain the best in the industry, with the best technicians. Not only because current global developments require this from the sector, but because it is in our DNA.

A drive that can only be realized by continuously offering and delivering the best quality. We commit ourselves with total dedication to the best result. By continuously innovating proactively, we continue to guarantee quality and we are ahead of customers with innovative solutions. In this way we identify possible improvements ourselves and act on them. A bar that we not only set high for ourselves, but we also ask this of our suppliers and customers. We only give our total commitment to the best players in the global market. We invest in – long-term – relationships with them. We do this by thinking along, going the extra mile for each other, and delivering on what we promise.

Only the best technicians fit in here. We expect above-average performance, but also reward our employees above-average. We provide our technicians with state-of-the-art materials and current knowledge through continuous education.

Collaboration PB tec and Highrise

PB sys is a strategic partnership between PB Tec and Highrise B.V. to be able to realize large and complex projects worldwide as one powerful platform, using joint experience and technical expertise in which the interests of the customer merge with the interests of a healthy world.
PB tec is part of Atrium Agri


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