Hectares of growing area

The Danish tomato producer Mads Pedersen is the proud manager of the family business on the island of Fyn. A Nordic company that produces vegetables in greenhouses in Denmark and Sweden.

In their new project, lettuce will be grown in a high-quality manner: 1.9 hectares with a fully automated growth and processing line to boost the production of lettuce to a very high yield in a way that has never been seen before.

With PB tec’s special, patented 12-metre growth gutters and processing of 10 growth gutters per cycle, the full cycle of seeding, germination, growing, harvesting, preparation and re-seeding can take place in a controlled and highly efficient manner. PB sys is responsible for the design and manufacture of the internal transport system for this project. In addition to the logistics equipment and the complete drive system, this also includes the software, which ensures that the entire lettuce production can take place in a fully systematically optimized manner.


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